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Liberty Under Attack
In Liberty Under Attack, a Century Foundation book, experts and activists including Gary Hart, John Podesta, David Cole and Ann Beeson report on the diverse actions, taken in the name of security, that undermine American liberties. These essays show the price the country has paid for failing to discuss incursion on freedoms adequately and openly, and they explain the consequences of these actions. Liberty Under Attack is edited by Richard C. Leone, president of The Century Foundation, and Greg Anrig, Jr., vice-president of programs.

The Best and Worst of 2007: Government Secrecy
Patrick Radden Keefe, The Century Foundation, 1/2/2008
America has a classification problem, and has for quite some time. The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once observed that if all the newspapers in the United States printed all the classified documents produced by the government on any given day, there wouldn’t be room in the papers for anything else.
The Snapshot: Are We Defeating Terrorism?
Ruy Teixeira, The Century Foundation, 9/10/2007
It’s been just about six years since the terrible events of Sept. 11, 2001 that killed 3,000 people in New York and Washington, D.C. and launched the Bush administration’s war on terrorism.
Breaking the Nuclear Impasse: New Prospects for Security against Weapons Threats
Jeffrey Laurenti, Carl Robichaud, Century Foundation Press, 9/5/2007
Curbing nuclear weapons has never been a more urgent priority for nations both great and small, but the global system of nuclear controls seems paralyzed. Have the instruments that once worked so well lost their efficacy? What can be done to clear the obstructions and break this impasse?
Table of Contents
View chapter 4, "Nuclear Pessimism Is Not the Answer" by Michael Krepon.
View chapter 6, "Remembering Nonproliferation Principles" by William C. Potter
Wiretap at Will
Patrick Radden Keefe, Slate, 8/13/2007
In an editorial last year, the New York Times likened the Bush administration's efforts to retroactively make its warrantless wiretapping program legal, to a person caught speeding who persuades the legislature to raise the speed limit.
A New Start?
Richard C. Leone, Newark Star-Ledger, 7/23/2007
The news from Washington suggests that, at last, the debate about America's role in the world is shifting from fantasy to reality. The ascendancy in "mainstream" discourse of the most triumphalist and militarily aggressive segment of the foreign policy community is waning; this result is in no small measure because of the unfortunate consequences of the choices they have favored over the past five years.
FEMA Official Fails to Cut Red Tape
The Associated Press (Dec. 18, 2007)
A week after Hurricane Katrina, a FEMA official in charge of streamlining the flow of disaster aid issued a directive that would have cut through the red tape and expedited a staggering 1,029 rebuilding projects and $5.3 billion.

Feds to Revise No - Match Rule
New York Times (Nov. 28, 2007)
Following a legal challenge led by business and labor groups, the Department of Homeland Security is planning to revise a controversial rule to punish employers who fail to verify worker social security information.

Report Shows Border Security Gap
Baltimore Sun (Nov. 5, 2007)
A new report from the Government Accountability Office reveals a critical U.S. border security gap: the security checkpoints themselves.

Immigration Chief Apologizes for 'Offensive' Costumes at Her Party
CNN (Nov. 5, 2007)
The Department of Homeland Security will investigate a Halloween costume party hosted by a top immigration official and attended by a man dressed in a striped prison outfit, dreadlocks and darkened skin make-up, a costume some say is offensive, the department's secretary said.

Security Chief Says Terrorists Have Been Arrested on Texas Border
The Associated Press (Sept. 12, 2007)
Texas' top homeland security official said Wednesday that terrorists with ties to Hezbollah, Hamas and al-Qaida have been arrested crossing the Texas border with Mexico in recent years.

Homeland Security Launches a Blog
Beltway Blogroll (Sept. 13, 2007)
The Department of Homeland Security this week became the latest Cabinet-level entity in the Bush administration to start a blog. It is called Leadership Journal.

The "New" Homeland Security Math
Time (Sept. 24, 2007)
Over the summer, Congress passed and the President signed a new homeland-security law called "Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act.

Lawyers Label Chertoff Authority Unconstitutional
Associated Press (Nov. 1, 2007)
Environmental lawyers say the power used by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to ignore environmental laws and finish a fence on the U.S.-Mexican border is unconstitutional.

Free Speech Groups Sue Over Visa Denial
New York Times (Sept. 26, 2007)
The government is increasingly using secret evidence allowed under new antiterrorism laws to prevent certain critics from entering the United States, according to a group of civil rights and academic organizations.

"Congress Seeks Surveillance Documents"
The Associated Press (August 8, 2007)
"Though Congress is on vacation, majority Democrats are keeping alive various fights with the White House with one common thread: Congress' access to administration documents and testimony to which President Bush has claimed executive privilege."

The Century Foundation Project on Homeland Security is supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Breaking the Nuclear Impasse: New Prospects for Security against Weapons Threats
Jeffrey Laurenti, Carl Robichaud, Century Foundation Press, 9/5/2007

Allied against Terrorism
Alistair Millar, Eric Rosand, The Century Foundation, 9/26/2006

Liberty Under Attack
Richard C. Leone, Greg Anrig, Jr., PublicAffairs, 3/29/2007

Defeating the Jihadists: A Blueprint for Action
Richard A. Clarke, et al., Century Foundation Press, 11/16/2005

Breathing Easier? The Report of The Century Foundation Working Group on Bioterrorism Preparedness
Leif Wellington Haase, The Century Foundation, 1/13/2005

Rethinking the Patriot Act: Keeping America Safe and Free
Stephen J. Schulhofer, Century Foundation Press, 6/3/2005

The USA Patriot Act: The Basics
Susan Hansen, The Century Foundation, 9/8/2004

A Little Knowledge: Privacy, Security, and Public Information after September 11
Peter M. Shane, John Podesta, Richard C. Leone, The Century Foundation, 6/25/2004

The Department of Homeland Security's First Year
Donald F. Kettl, The Century Foundation, 3/4/2004

The War on Our Freedoms: Civil Liberties in an Age of Terrorism
Richard C. Leone, Greg Anrig, Jr., PublicAffairs, 6/17/2003

The Enemy Within: Intelligence Gathering, Law Enforcement and Civil Liberties in the Wake of September 11
Stephen J. Schulhofer, Century Foundation Press, 9/15/2002

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